Frequently Asked Questions
How much can i earn from my clicks?

Look at the upgrade page to see all this information.

How much do i earn from my referral clicks?

Look at the upgrade page for this information.

Can I rent or buy referrals?

You cannot rent referrals at our website.

But you can buy direct referrals on your account.


What is the minimum withdraw amount?

The minimum withdraw amount is $5.00 for free members and $2.50 for golden mini, golden and ultimate members.

The maximum amount to withdraw at a time is $10 for free members, $15 for golden mini members, $25 for golden members and $40 for ultimate members.

From the amount paid, a fee can be deducted.

You can request a withdraw every 10 days as a free member and every 7 days as a golden member and every 5 days as an ultimate member.

NOTE: You must have viewed at least 200 advertisements to receive your first payout.

How long does it takes before i receive my money?

Usually, it will be done within' 7 business days.

NOTE : As soon as we reach minimum 20 advertisers per day and minimum 5000 members, the withdraw requests will be instantly.

Which payment gateways are supported at your website?

We are accepting:

- Paypal

- Bitcoin

- SolidTrustPay

- Payeer

to add funds for making purchases and to request a withdraw.

If you don't have a bitcoin address, you can always make one at blockchain :

What kind of websites are forbidden to advertise to?

It's forbidden to advertise to the following kind of websites :

  • warez websites
  • torrent websites
  • porn and / or child porn websites
  • any kind of illegal websites containing copyrighted material like music, movies, software, etc...
  • websites with framebreakers.

Any violation will be result in account termination with the loss of everything without further notice!!!

Which type of advertisements can I choose as advertiser?

As advertiser you can only choose the following type of advertisements :

- Tiny Adz (1000 credits = 1000 visits to your website)

- Flash Adz (1000 credits = 500 visits to your website)

- Standard Adz (1000 credits = 250 visits to your website)

- Big Adz (1000 credits = 100 visits to your website)

Or you can choose fixed ads of $0.0005 and $0.001 per view and this for 1, 3 or 7 days. The earning values are the same for every type of membership level.

What are the points conversion rates?

The conversion rate is for every membership level 1000 points = $1

Can I have more than 1 account?

No. You can only have 1 account per ip and / or household.

Any violation will result in account suspension with the loss of everything.

What happens if I click on the anti cheat link?

We have added the anti cheat link to prevent users are using bots and not making real clicks their own.

If you click on the anti cheat ad, your account will be suspended forever.

We do not unsuspend accounts.

So be careful and do not click on the anti cheat ad!!!!

Any other question

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact us.